“We believe that playing in a good way can make the difference. We develop and create original toys, made of the finest materials with an educational and active twist. BS stands for high quality, originality and a healthy dose of fun!”

Our mission:
Spread the joy of playing worldwide

Playing is really important, and especially now; with so much exposure to the newest tech gadgets and constant exposure to the news. Our games are meant for young and old, tall and short and for outside and indoor playing fun. Our Head office is located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. This is the heart of our brand where we develop, shape and test our toys and present our brand internationally. We promote and sell our products through agents, distributors and stores worldwide.

Our products are more often original than ordinary, therefore it is difficult to divide them into different categories. You can find the entire BS range under collection. However, you can also filter our products by age, category, material and activity to make it a little bit easier! Every product has its own specialty: creative, educational, active…for everyone!

Although our products are categorized in different age groups, there is no age limit for playing with our toys. The icon and the color of the packaging indicate the age category. This is just an indication; most of our products are suitable for everyone.

More icons can be found on the packaging. These icons will give additional information about the material of the product and the type of game.


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