BS Toys is FD Gazelle of 2017!

What means that we belong to one of the fastest-growing companies of the Netherlands!

We are very proud to be able to call us a FD Gazelle! The FD Gazelle is a yearly award, issued by the Financieel Dagblad, for companies with a minimum revenue growth of 20% over three years. This award represents a healthy and successful company.

Our small team makes it possible to market BS Toys in more than 20 countries! We are proud to make children happy with our toys in for example Chili, Hong Kong and Australia! Encouraging children and their parents to play and move more is our goal and pushes our team and company to grow even more!

The FD Gazelle has nine awards per region to issue, namely awards for the fastest-growing small, medium and large companies. We are for now already very proud to call us a FD Gazelle and we will wait to receive more awards!

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