From BuitenSpeel to BS Toys!

Hello you!

We have a small announcement to make!

Our business already exists for over 11 years! As you might have noticed, we have broadened our range from toys only meant for outdoor play to toys meant for outdoor- and indoor play as well! Our brand name ‘BuitenSpeel’ (means outdoor play in Dutch) might be confusing for our partners and customers. Because, we offer more than just outdoor toys!

To not confuse our partners and customers, we have changed our brand name. After much deliberation, we have decided to change our brand name to BS Toys, internationally oriented and simple! From now on we market our products under this brand name and can be contacted at this email address:

Did we change anything else? No, we still design toys with great pleasure, are still customer-oriented and are still the same team providing the support you are used to from us.

So, let’s celebrate!

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