News article in our local newspaper, Haarlems Dagblad

A wonderful article in our local newspaper, het Haarlems Dagblad.

Today we were featured in our local newspaper after receiving our second FD Gazellen Award. Talking about the company, its history and what we are trying to accomplish. Very happy with the exposure and we start to see a shift in trends. Parents are getting more and more conscious about childrens toys and what is appropriate for their age. Incredible that we can contribute to this cause!

A few paragraphs translated to English for you:

Providing children with an unforgettable childhood. Thanks to a lot of playing, laughing and more playing with each other. And preferably all outside, at least a few hours a day. That is the ambition of Haarlem toy manufacturer BS Toys. In addition to earning money, growing and conquering the world. The latter is increasingly successful.

The collection is now well above hundred different games. BS Toys is now active in 15 countries: mainly in Europe, but also in Australia, the United States and recently Canada.

Last year we realised a growth in turnover of 25%. From €2 million in 2016 to €2.5 million turnover in 2017. We are all very proud.

Marcel Schagen also has two children: boys aged 11 and 9. Do they always play outside? ” Well less than I would like. They like gaming too, he moans. But I am also not against gaming at all. Only the balance is currently off for many children. And if we can do something about it that would be very nice ”.

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