Team BS takes part in Johan Cruyff Run

On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the Johan Cruyff Run took place in Amsterdam. The legendary footballer would have become 70 years on this day, but unfortunately Cruyff died in 2016. BS Toys is a proud sponsor of this foundation and of course our team was present at the run. We have helped as volunteers at different parts of the run. For example, colleagues were traffic controllers and others were responsible for pedestrian crossings.

The start shot sounded at 20.14 and the length of the run was 14 kilometers because Johan Cruyff was famous for his back number 14. The run went through his hometown Amsterdam and went along several important places from Cruyff’s life, including his school and his home.

The run counted 6500 participants and was not named a race by the organization but a tribute to the deceased footballer. The event and the accompanying actions will raise funds for projects of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. To top it all, the Amsterdam Arena; stadium of the Amsterdam Football Club Ajax, was renamed the Johan Cruyff Arena to honor Cruyff after his years of commitment to Ajax Amsterdam.

Team BS Toys is very proud to support this foundation and likes to see so many people sport and support this foundation. We believe the mission of the foundation perfectly fits ours: Play, Move, Learn!

We are definitely planning to be present at the Johan Cruyff Foundation’s events even more in the future and will of course share this with you!

Please find below more information about Johan Cruyff and his foundation.

Johan Cruyff (1947-2016) is regarded worldwide as one of the greatest footballers of all time. After retiring in 1984, Johan became highly successful as the coach of Ajax and Barcelona and also set up several entities.

Sport was extremely important to Johan. During his career as a professional footballer, he also discovered how important sport is to the personal development of children with disabilities. The Johan Cruyff Foundation was inspired by Johan Cruyff’s personal experience with a young neighbor with Down’s syndrome, who was excluded from the group.

With the founding of the Cruyff Foundation, Johan Cruyff was one of the first athletes to tie his name to a foundation and was passionately involved in what the organization did.  He realized that practicing sport is not only fun and good for children’s health but also indispensable for the development of children.

‘If you can do something for someone else, you should’

Since its establishment in 1997, the Johan Cruyff Foundation has grown into an organization that encourages young people to be physically active in order to move up in society. Especially for children who need some extra support. With Johan Cruyff’s unfortunate passing in 2016, we have been forced to continue his mission without him but our goal of ‘stimulating the development of children through sport’ has remained unchanged and we’ve scaled up the activities considerably in recent years. In addition to developing new initiatives, we have also expanded the scope of the Foundation. We really want to play an influential role on an international scale as well.

It’s important to help children around the world stay as healthy as possible and work together to help them thrive in our often complex society. Sport is a universal language for children, regardless of background, culture, religion or ability. Sport and play improves the health of all children, teaches them to get along, and helps them to develop. Through Cruyff Courts, Schoolyard14, and sport projects for children with a disability we want to motivate children to get active. By this way, we help to keep thousands of children active all over the world.

‘To accomplish things, you have to do it together’




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